Read on to learn more about our current rooms and what you may encounter. We’ve added a few thoughts on difficulty and some of the skills you may want to start practicing! All games are $25.00/pp. Each Exodus lasts 60 minutes, and you should plan on a total stay of approx. 90 minutes. We look forward to welcoming you to Exodus Windsor Escape Rooms! For our particularly determined players, if you aren’t successful on your first attempt, we have tissues on hand and we’ll let you try again for 1/2 price on your next visit!




You have always been fascinated by magic! Now, you’ve stumbled into the forgotten storage room of Jonny Presto! While performing for a packed house, Presto entered his magic box and never reappeared. You have the chance to solve one of the great mysteries of magic- if you can piece together the clues in time. Be careful- many have tried, but they vanished forever.

Vanished is a game of mystery and surprise- you’ll need all of your skill and a bit of luck to follow in Presto’s footsteps. Don’t waste any time- the clock is ticking and the show must go on.

Your skills of deduction, detail and creativity will help you in your quest. The difficulty rating for this game is 3.5/5. Perfect for those looking for a consistent challenge, a bit of frustration and a lot of “wow” moments. This game can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for our games.




Where am I? What am I doing here? WHO am I? You’ve awoken in a strange and intriguing place- it feels familiar, but you definitely can’t remember how you ended up in here. Will you be able to regain your memory before it is lost forever?

There’s a good chance you’ll be able to sort through this mess and regain all that you’ve lost. You know that some of the items in the room are sure to provide the clues you need to figure things out. After all, you’re a smart person, right? You sure need to hope your logic, reasoning and what remains of your mind is as sharp as possible!

This room is a lot of fun and offers a good challenge for all skill levels. We rate this game 3/5. This Exodus can accommodate up to 8 people. Please note there is a minimum charge of 3 people for this game.

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You and your team are part of an infamous crime syndicate known for pulling off the most daring robberies. Your specialty has always been lock picking and now you’ll be facing your greatest challenge- the safe at Valley Isle Bank.

Your recon team has completed phase I by ensuring the building is empty. Now you have access to the manager’s office, where the vault awaits. You’ll have to move quick as the alarm can only be suspended for 60 minutes at a time before the override kicks in.

To ensure your success, we need a minimum team of at least 3 players and a maximum of 8. Bring your stealth, cunning and quick thinking to be remembered as the greatest thief of all time- or risk being forgotten in a jail cell for the rest of your life. This game has a difficulty rating of 4/5 a- no one said robbing banks was easy!



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